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Ivary Vimm was born in Estonia (1981) and learned his blacksmith skills already in his homeland. 2002 he came to Finland to study forging in  Taiku, a school of arts, crafts and design in Jurva. He graduated 2005 and now he is continuing his stone and jewellery design studies in Lappeenranta at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. The fall of 2008 Ivary spent in United States as an exchange student with his wife.

In addition to being a blacksmith Ivary has also worked as an instructor of forging. He has attended several fairs and exhibitions and has also staged a few forging shows. In 2004 Ivary took part in the Finnish championship contest of forging called Kyläseppä in Petäjävesi.

At the moment Ivary is concentrating on developing his fine metal craftsmanship skills. With his skilled hands he creates jewellery from gold, silver and gemstones. He appreciates straightforward, painstaking and professional work which shows the real touch of a craftsman. These qualities combined with inspiration give meaning and vibrancy to his jewellery. Ivary is also interested in gemstones and gemmology. It is very important to him to use only real gemstones in his products.

Already as a child Ivary was interested in jewellery, works of iron and all things antique. He dreamed of forging a sword some day and becoming a great blacksmith.  He has pursued that goal all his life ignoring any obstacles, and it has spawned new dreams and goals. Craftsmanship is a road, where it is possible to develop your self and learn something new forever. It is the road Ivary wants to follow.