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Blacksmiths of ancient times forged all necessary utensils from nails to ploughs. A skilled blacksmith had experience, knew the secrets of iron, and could choose the appropriate tool for the purpose at hand.

Ivary Vimm is a blacksmith who can bend iron to any form he wants; nails, swords, candlesticks, jewellery etc. He is also a master of fine metals. He makes rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and buckles from gold and silver decorating them sometimes with gemstones.

Nowadays Ivary concentrates on fine metal jewellery and is developing his skills both at school and in his free time. He makes unique jewellery and small sets by exploring new ideas and by combining the new and the old tradition.

Ivary respects natural materials and uses preferably gold, silver, iron and gemstones in his works. He relates deeply to all of his work and believes that there is a portion of the blacksmith’s soul in every piece of jewellery he makes. When Ivary makes a piece of jewellery to order he wants it to complement and enhance the personality of the customer. 

Don't hesitate to contact Ivary. You can order any piece of jewellery offered on the web site or you can design your own unique one with the help of Ivary.